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Whipple Cave, NV, October 2016

A great time exploring Whipple Cave in Nevada.

Cassidy Arch Canyon, Capitol Reef Utah, October 2016

Cassidy Arch is one of our favorites! Its a beautiful canyon in a setting that reminds us of Zion but without the crowds. The first drop used to be anchored to a small tree at the top of the arch. It's now about 15 feet lower on the rock face with an easier start. That first drop descending under the arch is gorgeous! Every drop in the canyon is fun, there are three arches to descend through! The canyon is named after the infamous Butch Cassidy. It is thought by some that this was the hideout for the Wild Bunch outlaws and you can even see some historic relics along the way, including an old wood bridge towards the end of the technical section.

Johnson Arch Canyon, Snow Canyon Utah, September 2016

We celebrated to grand opening of In We Go Canyoneering's website by running a couple of canyons with some friends. This one is Johnson Arch Canyon in Snow Canyon State Park near Saint George, Utah. It was a beautiful day and tons of fun!

Lower Jump Canyon, California Sierras,  August 2016

Lower Jump Canyon on the North Fork of the Kings River in SoCal's Sierra Mountains, is a challenging but rewarding canyon! It is for experienced canyoneers only! Luckily, we were lead by a team that knew this canyon inside and out! A shady canyon with fast flowing water and thundering waterfalls, results in a chilly and physically exhausting adventure on even the hottest summer day... a wet-suit is a must and a PFD is highly recommended! The canyon not only provided jumping opportunities, as the name suggests, but also slippery slides and impressive rappels! We joined forces with a group from Mexico that we met in the canyon and with the help of their ropes (one of ours got core shot) and with the leadership of our knowledgeable team, the eleven of us completed the canyon in 10 hours.

In We Go Christmas gift ideas

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Discovering Vallhalla: Oregon's Hidden Gorge

Brad and I grew up in the Pacific Northwest so we are fascinated with the story of the discovery of Vallhalla, a remote canyon in Oregon's Willamette Forest. The adventurist spirit of those that found and explored this gem of a gorge is what spurs us canyoneers to venture into the unknown, to get a gimps of what few have the opportunity to see with their own eyes! The following is a series of videos documenting the exploration of this canyon in 2015, click here to view

Gemini by Mad Rock

Published on Jul 26, 2016Here's a quick vid demonstrating the function of our new belay carabiner, the Gemini! It features a patent pending twin gate design on one side that reacts to eachother. The unique carabiner body shape coupled with the new gate system prevents cross loading with ease of use.

Mezzo Canyon, Las Vegas NV, June 2016  

Friend Franko Thompson, put this video together after a couple of runs we made of Mezzo Canyon on Mt. Charleston, NV this June. The weather was perfect then. The water was running and there was still some patches of snow in the canyon! This canyon had been rarely explored in recent years but quickly became a local's favorite after we re-blazed the trail. Thanks Franko!

Spry Canyon, Zion Utah, July 2016

Good fun with great friends running Spry Canyon in Zion! Some serious moments for friends using the Whiptail for the first time in a canyon and some silly fooling around followed by a much needed dunking in a refreshing pool at the end! IN WE GO!!!

Water Canyon, Zion Utah, July 2016

A Beautiful day in July to run this beautiful canyon! A great way to cool off in the summer sun and splash around in Water Canyon just outside Zion National Park in Utah!

Using the Whiptail in Spry and Water Canyons, Zion UT

Couldn't get any better canyoneering in Zion last week! Used the Whiptail in Spry Canyon and Water Canyon to prevent the rope from getting stuck in rope grooves in the sandstone during pulls. Using the Whiptail is great for long rappels. It helps prevent new rope grooves and It's a quick way to get the rope down!!

Seven Teacups, CA, July 2016

Fun trip to 7 Teacups July 10th. The weather was perfect, in the upper 70s and lower 80s! A nice way to beat the heat in the city..... jumping, sliding, and rappelling into cool, refreshing, teacups of water! Water flow of the Kern was great at 400cfs. The group took the Bottom Up approach and was able to cross the river Chain Gang style with the taller ones serving as anchors for the shorter ones. First time trip to the teacups for 6 of the 8 canyoneers and it took them about 6 hours. Good times had by all!!!

Great Falls of the Fox, San Gabriel Mountains CA, August 2016

Great Falls of the Fox! Joined a few friends and met some new ones to run this canyon in the San Gabriel Mountains over the weekend. The neon green water and lush vegetation (bush whacking)  was quite a contrast to the desert canyons of Nevada we are more familiar with!

Hades, Death Valley CA, February 2016

Well, since I can't canyoneer while my knee is healing up, I've had time to import some videos and try to figure out how to edit them. I think this one is Hades.