Welcome to In We Go Canyoneering!

We are Brad and Sandy, two canyoneering enthusiasts living in Las Vegas Nevada. While Las Vegas may be known as an adult playground that offers gambling, fine dining, and entertainment, we canyoneers know that the real Vegas playground is in the spectacular canyons of the surrounding mountains. The canyons of the Las Vegas area offer exciting technicality and unsurpassed beauty!

Las Vegas is a canyoneering oasis for the SW canyoneering community! It is a crossroad for canyoneers traveling between California, Utah and Arizona. Our location is great for Vegas locals looking for a change in scenery and weather because it’s only a two-hour drive in either direction to the canyons of Zion and Death Valley National Parks. Travel a couple more hours in any direction from Vegas and locals have an excellent choice of canyons to explore on a weekend excursion!

There is only one down fall for canyoneers in Las Vegas from what we and our friends have experienced over the past six years of canyoneering here, it is often difficult to find “stuff” locally for canyoneering. We want to help expand options and accessibility to canyoneering gear, products, information, and opportunities to our friends in the canyoneering community living and traveling through the Vegas Valley.

As you navigate our website, you will find canyoneering gear such as carabiners, harnesses, rope, etc. on the Canyon Gear page. Canyoneering themed products such as T-shirts, hats, jewelry, etc. will be found on the Canyon Life page. You can see upcoming canyon events on our Canyon Adventure page. On our blog page, you will find trip reports and canyoneering news and info.

As a bootstrapping small business (more on this to come), In We Go Canyoneering would love to have the canyoneering community not just influence our direction, but journey with us as we travel this path! It will take time as our company grows and we can offer more products and services, but in the meantime, please contact us by e-mail at....and let us know how we can help you with your canyoneering needs. If you are placing an order and live in the Las Vegas area, let us know…  we can save time and shipping costs by personally delivering your order to you. If you are a trained canyoneer and are interested in doing a canyon in the Vegas area, shoot us an e-mail so we can organize a canyon adventure!

Thank you for your support!
See you in the canyons!
In We Go!!!