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Whiptail set-up demonstration

Advanced anchoring systems and tools such as the #Whiptail require training and practical experience on the ground before use in rappelling situations, so please follow these basic guidelines and acquire Advanced Canyoneering training before including the Whiptail on your canyoneering tool belt. Understanding the risks, eliminating hazards, and avoiding operator error is key for fun, safe canyoneering experiences.  Own your's today for $25! 

In We Go Adventures

The Whiptail in Spry and Water Canyons, Zion UT

Couldn't get any better canyoneering in Zion last week! Used the Whiptail in Spry Canyon and Water Canyon to prevent the rope from getting stuck in rope grooves in the sandstone during pulls. Using the Whiptail is great for long rappels. It helps prevent new rope grooves and It's a quick way to get the rope down!

Johnson Arch Canyon, Snow Canyon Utah, September 2016

We celebrated to grand opening of In We Go Canyoneering's website by running a couple of canyons with some friends. This one is Johnson Arch Canyon in Snow Canyon State Park near Saint George, Utah. It was a beautiful day and tons of fun! Interested in #Canyoneering? Contact us to schedule a FREE lesson!

Cassidy Arch Canyon, Capitol Reef Utah, October 2016

Cassidy Arch is one of our favorites! Its a beautiful canyon in a setting that reminds us of Zion but without the crowds. The first drop used to be anchored to a small tree at the top of the arch. It's now about 15 feet lower on the rock face with an easier start. That first drop descending under the arch is gorgeous!